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• Orthodontic treatments of malpositioned teeth and malocclusion by removable, functional and fixed unesthetic and esthetic appliances. Sometimes succesful prosthetic rehabilitation needs preprosthetic orthodontic threatment. In sanation of facial disharmonies orhodontic treatment is necessary before orthognatic surgery. We use braces and wires of branded manufactures (AMERICAN ORTHODONTICS, ORMCO, ORTHOCLASSIC, GAC, ORTHO TEHNOLOGY, FORESTADENT).


metalceramic and metal free crowns and bridges, veeners, partial and total dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

teeth bleaching, white spots removal

Restorative dentistry

composite seals, fiberglass build-ups, ceramic inlays and onlays


conservative threatment of periodontal disease

our team

Highly qualified proffesionals

Dr Jadran Stojadinovic
Orthodontics specialist
Graduated in Faculty of dental medicine in Belgrade in 2002 with the average score 9.17. Since then he has been working as polyvalent dentist in private practice. In 2007 he started specialisation on orthodontic department of Faculty of dental medicine in Belgrade. In 2010 he became orthodontics specialist. Continuously he has been educating on numerous courses and seminars at home and abroad. He is a member of the Serbian Orthodontic Society and Serbian Dental Chamber.
Dragana Nikolić
Dental assistant
Dr Djordje Radumilo
General practitioner
Graduated in the Faculty of dental medicine at University of Belgrade in 2015 with an average score of 8,48. In the present career, a young doctor, showed specific interests in working with children and youth, as evidenced by the many satisfied patients.
jelena Dimitrijevic
Dental assistant

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When is the right time for the fixed orthodontic appliance?

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Does fixed orthodontic appliance correct teeth better then mobile orhodontic appliaince?

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What is and how to solve this problem

Anomalies of the teeth position and the occlusion are not only aesthetic matter. It is above of all a health issue. The teeth position is in relation to the many functions of the oral cavity, and therefore the importance of this issue is very complex. These anomalies can disturbe chewing and speech in some way and can be in tight relations with breathing and swalowing. Also malocclusion disturbes the proper hygiene maintenance and indirectly increase the risks for decay and periodontal disease. In many cases, they make harder other dental interventions and compromise their quality. The correction of these irregularities is a process that has its duration and every effort worth. The first step is to diagnose orthodontic anomalies the earlier is possible in children. Parents is generaly advised to bring their children to orthodontic practitioner in pre-school or early-school age. Sometimes anomalies is obvious and can be spoted by the parents or pediatric dentist. After orthodontics examination ortfodontics specialist make a thratment plan. With the orthodontic appliances these anomalies can be corrected and focus the growth on the desired direction. Becouse of the fact that the teeth are moving all our life, these anomalities may be threated also in adults whose growth is finished but the odds are reduced. In dental clinic Adriadent you have the opportunity to correct any errors on yours teeth and reach a perfect smile with mobile and fixed appliances. You can make your brace smile more esthetic with esthetic form of braces which are glass made and transparent. Some of the our cases is presented in our gallery in the section cases reports before and after.
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