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Correction of the teeth and bite anomalities by using of mobile, fixed and functional aesthetic and unaesthetic appliances made of material from renowned manufacturers (ORTOCLASSIC, ORMCO, Forestadent, ORTHOTEHNOLOGY, GAC, AMERICAN ORTHODONTICS), presurgical and preprosthetic orthodontic treatments.



Repairing diseased teeth.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth whitening, ceramic veneers.


Reconstructive dentistry

Conservative (sealing) and prosthetic reconstruction of teeth.



Repairing diseased supporting tissues of the teeth.

our team

Highqualified proffesionals

Dr Jadran Stojadinović
Orthodontic practitioner
Dental Faculty in Belgrade ended in 2002 with the average of 9.17. Since then acquire the skills and knowledge of working as polyvalent dentist in private practice and attending numerous courses and seminars. In 2010 finished his specialization in orthodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. Continuously educate on numerous courses and seminars at home and abroad. He is a member of the Serbian Orthodontic Society and Serbian Dental Chamber.
Dr Đorđe Radumilo
General dentist
He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade in 2015 with an average score of 8 to 48. In the present career, a young doctor, showed specific interests in working with children and youth, as evidenced by the many satisfied patients.
Dr Jelena Latinović
General dentist
Graduated from Faculty of Dentistry in 2002. Since 2003 she works as polyvalent dentist in a dental office Gardoš. In 2016 becomes part of an expert team Adriadent! She attended numerous courses in the country and abroad. A member of the Serbian Dental Chamber.
Dragana Nikolić
Dental assistant

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When is the right time for the fixed orthodontic appliance?

The best results are achieved by wearing fixed appliance at puberty when the growth of the most intense, mean age 11 to 15 years approximately but… Read the whole answer →

What appliance better correct teeth fixed or mobile?

Mobile appliance does not exclude treatment with a fixed appliance but in some cases it is... Read the whole answer →

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What is and how to solve this problem

Anomality of teeth position and the relationship between the jaws are not only an aesthetic problem, as many people think. It is above all a health problem. The position of the teeth is in relation to the many functions of the oral cavity, and therefore the importance of this issue is very complex. These anomalities in addition can hamper chewing and swallowing which are sometimes cosequently and causaly associated with breathing and speech. Also those indirectly hamper the proper hygiene and indirectly increase the risk factors for caries and periodontal disease. In many cases, they make it harder to perform other dental intervention and call into question their quality. And in the end what most people notice is spoiling the aesthetics of a smile...
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